Monday, September 7, 2009

Chicago & Notre Dame

I got to check 3 things off my list this past Labor Day weekend!

1. Jon and I got the opportunity to go to Chicago for a couple of days and we actually had a good time this time! The past 2 times we had gone together both ended in disaster (or what we classify as a disastrous trip) so I was pretty happy that nothing terrible happened. I forgot my camera, but my sister-in-law had hers so I will post some pictures when I get some from her. Some highlights include:
  • Going to the Field Museum (more details coming up)
  • Sitting outside this random bar we found for appetizers and drinks before dinner
  • Giordano's pizza - I would love to try to recreate this at home!
  • Being able to be in a city & relax at the same time - Jon and I did a little shopping on our own (where I picked up a super cute shirt at Forever 21) and then just sat at Border's with some coffee & magazines
  • Frontera Grill - some of the best food I've had!
  • Walking down by the river in the evening and checking out the Vietnam memorial
  • And the best part - just being able to spend some quality time with Jon since we don't have that many opportunities to do that at home during a regular week
2. Early Saturday morning we headed to South Bend, Indiana for the Notre Dame game. I had been to a couple of Blue & Gold games in the spring, but never to an actual game. Now, I grew up an Ohio State fan (and still cheer on my Buckeyes!), but have grown to love Notre Dame because of my husband. We did everything up right - tailgating with cornhole, lots of food & drinks, mingling with one of Jon's friends who writes for the Notre Dame website he has, and then cheering on the Irish! I had a really great time. They won (35-0) so it made the experience even better. We are actually going to another game in October and I am hoping that it will be cooler then. The heat was the only downfall of the day. Oh, and rude fans behind us but I won't re-hash that story for now.

3. We visited the Field Museum on Thursday because we could get in free that day. We only had 2 hours there & I honestly could have spent at least half a day there. I am a huge history buff so I would have liked to be able to read more about some of the items they have, but I also understood that I was with people who may not have been as interested as I am in some of that stuff! We got to see the early America exhibit, ancient Egypt exhibit, the largest T-rex in the world and some other artifacts from American history. I would actually like to go back some day and spend more time there!

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