Tuesday, December 22, 2009

25 Days of Christmas - Days 19-21

Day 19:

I think this is the day I went into full-time Christmas mode and it finally feels like the holidays are upon us! I got an impromptu invite to a friend's house, where I helped decorate cut-out cookies and participated in an ornament exchange. I didn't even have an ornament, but one of the girls broke up her set so I could participate too. It was so thoughtful of them!

Day 20:

I went to my Grandpa's house and helped my brother decorate his Christmas tree, which is a yearly tradition. We then went shopping for the members of our family...with no list at all for some of them, but I think we found some good gifts!

My Grandpa's tree doesn't look like this, I just think it's pretty! His is a slimmer tree like this one is though with lots of vintage ornaments.

Day 21:

I finally started mixing up doughs for my Christmas cookies and even made half a dozen at the request of my husband. He claims it's because it makes the house smell good. We also had some friends over for dinner and ended up watching Home Alone, one of my favorite Christmas movies!

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