Sunday, December 13, 2009

25 Days of Christmas - Days 8-12

Did I really just miss 5 days? I apologize...I had finals this week and then was busy all weekend with no computer to send out updates. Here we go!

Day 8:

This is somewhat embarrassing, but I watched The Santa Clause 2 this night. I really like the first one, but the second one is sooo cheesy.

Day 9:

I spent the entire evening writing papers and studying for finals so I'm going to say that I enjoyed our Christmas tree as I typed furiously away on my computer.

Day 10:

While watching the Browns beat the Steelers (so exciting!!), I ate some Hershey's mint chocolates. A nice after-dinner treat for the holiday season.

Day 11:

It was our 3rd annual friends' Christmas party. We had a white elephant gift exchange (with somewhat nicer gifts), caroling, and lots of food and drinks.

        Amanda (our wonderful hostess) & me and Jon drumming (oh yeah, we have a band too!)

Day 12:

We had brunch & then trimmed the tree at my in-laws' house today. I actually forgot to take some pictures! However, I will say that it was quite the process with stringing lights & ribbon & hanging ornaments, especially with 2 dogs underfoot. We had a good time though!

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