Saturday, February 20, 2010

I think I just became addicted to Swaptree.

Have any of you heard about the site I joined awhile ago and did 1 trade (probably while I was on break from school) and then never did anything else with it. However, now that I am finished with school I actually have time to read for fun! In fact, I just finished reading 2 books this week - A Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell & Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. 

I definitely recommend both books. The first is memoir-like, with a focus on the author's life and her reflections on historical events. The second is a memoir about a girl from Chicago who lost her high-paying job and how it affected her high-spending life. Oh, and it's hysterical. Her writing has actually made me laugh out loud and want to read passages to my husband, who had no interest in it of course. 

So back to Swaptree. You list all of the books you have that you would like to trade and then list the books you want to read. The site does the searching for you and lets you know when you have a match. Or you can browse to see what you can get with the books you have listed. It costs less than $3 to mail books (they provide the shipping label you can just print out or you can send it at the USPS). You can keep them as long as want (meaning...forever if you really want the book) & they have way more titles than the library. It's even cheaper than buying books that cost $.01 on Amazon because they automatically charge a $3.99 shipping fee. Oh, and if you aren't an avid reader...they have CDs, DVDs and video games too. I added a bunch of books to my "have" and "want" lists and it has already initiated 4 trades. 2 books are sitting in my mailbox waiting to be mailed out already! 

I guess I can check off reading 2 books from my February goals!

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