Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 6: 20 of my Favorite Things

1. My husband
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Cooking, especially seasonally
4. Baking
6. Reading many different types of books (for example, I came home from the library with 2 food-related memoirs, a mystery based on a Jane Austen novel, 3 cookbooks, and an Abraham Lincoln book).
7. The fall season & pretty much everything about it - I started a fall bucket list that I will share on the blog as the time draws closer.
8. Football - I watch it all weekend long in the fall/winter (and on Mondays & Thursdays too if those games are on) favorite teams are the Cleveland Browns, Notre Dame Fighting Irish (for the husband), and the Ohio State Buckeyes.
9. Dancing & gymnastics - these were my sports growing up and I still occasionally will bust out a move!
10. Music - I like many different types depending on my mood, but often come back to more mellow types of music, unless I'm dancing...then I need something with a beat.
11. Learning - I will always love school. I'm a huge dork like that (which is probably why I became a teacher)...but I also like to learn on my own too.
12. Christmas - Fall may be my favorite season, but the Christmas season is very very close behind.
13. Farmers' markets - I love all of the fresh produce that is produced locally.
14. Teaching - like I said, I have my teaching license and I love interacting with students and watching them learn.
15. Travel - I love visiting and discovering new places, but I haven't been anywhere new in 2 years.
16. Coffee - I need it everyday or I get a headache...yes, I have a problem.
17. Riding bikes - Jon and I have bikes and were riding them in the spring, but then my tire went flat and I have yet to replace it. I need to get that fixed so we can get some rides in this fall!
18. Chocolate - I'm kind of an addict and tend to need a little bit at least once a day.
19. History - I'm a nerd.
20. Reading blogs - I like to be inspired by others!

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