Friday, January 21, 2011

Sometimes I reheat coffee...and go on cleaning sprees.

Random Friday bullets:
  • The school where I was supposed to sub today canceled school last night. It was nice to know that I didn't have to wake up early to check the closings list so I got to sleep in until 8:30! The only bad part about it is that now I don't get paid for today. Boo.
  •  I got all of my household "chores" completed, including shoveling the driveway and front walk. That extra sleep must have given me a burst of energy. Now I can relax and really enjoy the rest of the weekend. Although I will probably do some usual Sunday laundry while watching football.
  • Those of you who may be wondering why I am always the one shoveling and not my apparently only snows when he works late or is out of town. So, it then becomes my duty. I don't mind though!
  • I made pumpkin spice coffee this morning. I usually only drink it in the fall, but it just sounded really good today. I reheated the leftovers after my cleaning spree. I just didn't want it to go to waste. :)
  • I just found out that there is a winter farmer's market in my city that opened last weekend. I hope to go tomorrow and plan to read Cooking from the Farmer's Market in preparation. I'm also anxious to read my newest issue of Bon Appetit. Apparently I am all about cooking reading material today.
 What are you up to on this Friday?

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