Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Multi-purpose rooms are hard to tame.

Our office/guest bedroom/whatever else it is on any given day is usually an absolute wreck, or "pit" as my loving husband would call it. If we have people over and they are not staying overnight, then I usually take any clutter from the other rooms of the house and throw it in the office and shut the door. I'm really good at concealing things...haha. Even when people do stay overnight, I will usually just stack everything up and shove it in a corner. However, we have a house guest coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks and I want that room to look a little more presentable. Plus it will give me a good chance to purge some items before we move, if that actually even happens. I totally forgot to take before pics, but here are some after pics and I am so proud of myself! The room before was literally covered with stacks of papers, books, and bins of random objects. I guess being unemployed at the moment does have its benefits.

This corner has a lot going on. I got that desk in the 6th grade. It used to be a roll-top, but I took that part off when computers became the norm. Eventually, we are going to need to get a new desk since this one is really bulky, but for now it does the job! Notice the old stereo system - Jon got that from his parents, but he has to work on fixing the record player. Behind the speaker are some cleverly hidden books (because I have way too many books than I can handle! - more about that in just a bit). Oh, the top of the bookcase has a bunch of crap on it so I guess I need to work on that too.

Another shot that shows more of the wall with the desk. The plastic shelving unit holds printer supplies, craft supplies and a few miscellaneous items.

The guest bedroom portion of this room consists of a futon. There's room to fold it down if we need it. It does not have the guest bedding on it at the moment.

My bookcase is an absolute mess. It will need to be worked on at another time. I need a bookcase that covers an entire wall to fit all of my books in an orderly fashion. Here are the first 3 shelves.

And here are the last 2 shelves. There are books behind the books that you see in this picture. I have a problem.

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  1. Stef,
    If you are overwhelmed at your amount of books and want to try to get rid of them, I have had some great success selling used books on The trick is to just post your price a penny or two below the lowest available so that when someone searches for the book, your low price shows up first! Or you could look into an online book exchange program that gives you new/used books to read!

    Best of luck on the continued cleaning endeavor!