Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Reflections

I would say this has been a really busy and crazy year so let's take a look back!

Some lowlights:
  • Jon got his hours cut at work. 
  • Our landlord threatened to evict us because we had my in-laws' dog stay with us overnight in an emergency situation.
  • We had an extremely aggravating situation with HH Gregg trying to get our new washer and dryer installed, then had problems getting our new dining set sent to us as well. What luck!
  • Our fish got some weird fungus and died. We tried to save him too.
 Some highlights:
  • We moved to a different apartment 3 doors down from our friends. I felt way more connected this year since we live in town now (as opposed to almost outside of town).
  • I completed my student teaching in a 7th grade classroom. It had its challenging days, but I found that I truly love teaching and that is where my heart is.
  • I passed both of my Praxis II exams on the first try! (I have to pass those to get my teaching license)
  • I almost completed school. I have 2 independent studies to finish up and then I can finally start looking for teaching jobs!
  • I got a job fairly quickly at my old place of employment after student teaching. After a month, they lost the grant but I got hired by the new agency that took the program over.
  • Jon and I attended two Notre Dame games together. Now I am a part of his madness.
  • We also took a short trip to Chicago and had a fabulous time on our only vacation together this year!
  • We attended two weddings together - our friends Ryan & Tessa (also our neighbors!) and my cousin Jason and his new wife Tessa.
  • Our friend Joel who is currently living in Japan visited for a couple of weeks. We also got visits from friends in North Carolina!
Looking back, there were way more highlights than lowlights so I guess 2009 wasn't that terrible of a year.  Here's to a fabulous 2010!

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