Friday, January 1, 2010

January Goals - Kickin' Off the New Year

I got inspired to make monthly goals after reading Emily's last post over at Imperfect. I tend to make goals that are much larger than can actually be accomplished. I usually overestimate how much I can do in a month. Or I just try to be super-woman. Either way, my goals usually end up failing. So, I am going to keep these goals realistic and non-overwhelming for the first month.

January Goals
1. Start exercising. Just start.
2. Complete every assignment for my 2 independent studies. Now, this may seem like a large goal (and it truly is), but I slacked off big-time in these and HAVE to have them finished by February 10th!
3. Make 1 new recipe a week.
4. Get coffee with a friend.
5. Read one book.

That's it. Pretty simple goals (besides #2 but that's more of a "have to" than a goal at this point). I'll check back in on them next month to let you all know how I did.

1 comment:

  1. Good goals. I'm impressed with the make a recipe a week goal. Mine is always one a month... and sometimes that's a stretch. I get too much into routines sometimes. =)

    Hope you have a great month! Thanks for stopping by.