Monday, December 28, 2009

After-Christmas sales

My mom and I went to Target for their 50% after-Christmas sales to stock up for next year. I ended up getting 2 rolls of wrapping paper (1 of which can be used for any occasion), lots of ribbon, a lighted garland, a silver decorative tree and some gift tags. We also went to Kohl's where I got a new candle holder and 2 candles that were marked down significantly due to being seasonal. Since we are hosting New Year's Eve this year we wanted to keep our holiday decor displayed to keep things festive. So I added some of my new items to our decor now because I didn't want to wait until next year. I do intend to keep the candle holder and candle out after the holidays since our living room colors are red and black.

The new set-up on top of our media cabinet.

A close-up of my new purchases.

Stay tuned to see how I will arrange things after the holidays!

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