Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bedding Options

My husband owned our current bed before we were married since he is tall and can only sleep in a California King. I love this arrangement. However, the only sheets we currently own are black ones that he previously used and white ones that have gotten dingy. So, we are in desperate need of some new sheets, preferably chocolate brown. And a bed skirt, possibly in a neutral color. Here are some options:

 Chris Madden 600TC Wrinkle-Free Sheets (most expensive)

Cindy Crawford 400TC Sheets

Thomas O'Brien Rich Neutral Sheet Set (I am adding this because the size I need is only $26.24 for the entire set - however these sheets did get mixed reviews)

Home Expressions Pleated Bedskirt in Linen (which is that little box)

All images from  and

Our duvet cover looks like the green sheet in this set to give an idea of what I am matching with. (Image from

And our new headboard is this:

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. fancy headboard! we haven't graduated to one of those yet.