Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Decorating Inspiration

Amazon had a great sale on magazines right around Black Friday and I decided to subscribe to House Beautiful for $5. I checked out their website tonight and found a few images that I want to try to incorporate into our home after the New Year when the Christmas decorations have been taken down. I am limited though since we are currently living in an apartment. I can't wait to have our own house and do what we want with it!

I have talked before about how I love walls of bookshelves. Obviously I cannot do that right now, but I do want to get some magazine holders and/or boxes to organize all of my cooking magazines. I started tearing out the recipe indexes of each of them tonight. I plan to hold those in a binder to easily look for a recipe and keep the magazines in holders. That way I don't have to flip through an entire magazine when I am searching for something new to make.

The next image is one of a bedroom that I love. I am working on making our bedroom green and chocolate brown. This nightstand is great and makes the bedroom look really crisp. The ones we have now are hand-me-downs and not really my style. I also would like to incorporate some throw pillows like the ones pictured too.

*I will have some pictures of our bedroom up in the next month since I ordered a new headboard and got Jon some frames with Notre Dame pictures in them. They are mostly scenery pictures though so I think they will fit in well with the bedroom I have in mind!*

This bathroom is about 4 times bigger than the one we currently have, but I like the idea of that tray in between the sinks. We don't have a space that big, but a small tray may work. I currently have a brown basket to hold things that don't fit in the cabinets so it doesn't look so cluttered.

Lastly is a picture of some kitchen inspiration. I can't really do much with our current kitchen so this picture will just serve as something that we can do in the future. I really like the open cabinets. Of course, my kitchen colors are red, black & white but I think I can steal some of the basics from this picture eventually!

All images from House Beautiful

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