Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello sinuses, why must you bug me so? And some flower pretties.

I came home early from work yesterday due to a sinus headache and am staying home today for the same thing. Unfortunately, my face feels like it's swelling. The good news is that I go to the doctor on Monday so at least I can get some medicine if I really need it! Of course, I am super tired and would really just like to sleep, but my mind is wide awake. So therefore I have some time to blog!

Maybe it's because I haven't seen anything green or pretty in a really long time or maybe it's the fact that it's snowing (AGAIN), but I feel the need to fill my house with plants and flowers. I think that they will breathe some life into the room and make the rest of the winter seem a little less depressing.

I want them in my living room...

in my bathroom...
and windows in my bathroom would be great too! Renting sucks.

in my bedroom...

and on my dining room table.

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