Monday, March 1, 2010

March Goals

Let's hope spring arrives this month! Here are my goals March, which I am hoping to be more motivated to complete since last month didn't go so well. And since my book reading goals have gone so well, I won't be adding those onto the list anymore, but I will update as to what books I am currently reading.

1. Make a work out schedule. I am hoping that this will help if I actually plan it into my day. Oh, and I went to the doctor today and have gained TEN pounds since last summer. Whoa.
2. Clean up the office. I am tired of looking at all of the crap in there.
3. Update the decor for spring by trying to use what I already own. I don't want to spend much money on this.
4. I have been doing pretty well with fruits and veggies, but I want to start eating at least 4 servings a day (2 of each).
5. Start prepping for my herb garden and possibly some vegetables too. Research!
6. Enjoy at least 2 date nights with Jon. I am making this a priority since we tend to have opposite schedules.

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