Thursday, June 16, 2011

The little pleasures in a small town.

We moved from our small town 10 months ago, but there are certain things I miss about it, especially in the summer. 

First...the drive-in. Coney dogs, root beer floats and greasy fries. All eaten in your car with friends and good music playing. There's a drive-thru too, but I always liked the car experience!

Secondly...the bandshell. Most of the time we weren't interested in what was actually playing, but it was nice to go to the park and hang out and eat ice cream. Two performances I definitely remember are: 1) the hypnotist, who was hysterical when he hypnotized people and we tried to hypnotize ourselves from our seats and 2) the Jimmy Buffet cover band who was absolutely terrible. I took video on my phone because it was so bad and I wanted to have a good laugh later.

And lastly (and most importantly)...the Merry-Go-Round (aka the Red Barn) for its ice cream. You can get a massive quantity of ice cream for super cheap. I love it. And I'm hoping to go tonight. I really hope they still have some red velvet cake ice cream because that just sounds amazing.

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