Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So long, August.

Source: For the Dream tumblr via Pinterest
August went by extremely quickly. Here are some of my favorite things about this past August:
  • A get-together with my amazing family - our last one before my cousin has her little baby girl!
  • A fantasy football lottery draft party with some of my favorite friends (even if I didn't get the spot in the draft I wanted!)
  • Cooler weather the past couple of weeks - I'm going to ignore the fact that it's supposed to be in the 90's this week though.
  • A long neighborhood walk with Jon on one of those fall-like nights 
  • Frozen yogurt hang-outs with friends - the combinations are endless.
  • Seeing The Help - I love when movies are almost as good as the book!
  • Starting substitute teaching again
  • Sipping lemonade out of mason jars
What did you love about August?

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