Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer is almost over...

and I am totally fine with that. Of course, the temperatures could hang on well into September, but I'd like to think that they will get better by the beginning of the month. We just received our electric bill from last month and let's just say I am not happy. So now I am sitting in a hotter-than-normal house to try to make up for the air being almost continuously on last month due to the heat wave we had. I like to complain about the heat if you haven't already noticed. :)

However, activities that are related to my favorite fall events are rapidly approaching. Next week is our fantasy football lottery draft party where we'll decide the draft order for our picks next month. I love fantasy football and I am super excited that there will be a full NFL season. I'm already pinning recipes on Pinterest that I want to make during football season!

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