Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Open windows & other updates.

I absolutely love having my windows open throughout the day. I hate the feeling of being shut inside with air conditioning (or heat in the winter). It's been pretty perfect the past couple of mornings - 60's temps with a breeze. It keeps me hopeful that fall is on its way.

Picture source unknown - quote by Abraham Lincoln
Speaking of starts in 2 weeks and I am so excited to start subbing again. Don't get me wrong, I would MUCH rather have a full-time teaching job, but subbing allows me to work with students and keeps me productive in education. Plus, I am ready to work again. This summer has been pretty boring when we weren't on vacation or off doing things with family & friends. I like being productive and contributing to something! I even have a long-term experience lined up for later this fall that I am really excited about. Since I am obsessed with all things Lincoln and a history teacher, I thought the above quote fit well. I will be a good (hopefully great) substitute teacher this year!

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  1. ;o) Love this post! I am very excited for school (and fall) as well! We start school next week!! Sorry I haven't visited here for awhile, your chicken pot pie sounds great, too!