Monday, August 15, 2011

Dinner last night.

I had to work with the food I had in the house last night since I didn't plan to go grocery shopping until today. So, I ended up using this recipe for cheddary chicken pie. Not really a summer recipe at all, but it sounded good to me! When Jon came home from work and asked me what I was making for dinner, I said, "Oh, it's chicken, vegetables and cheese baked in a pie crust." He's like, "So, it's a chicken pot pie." Um yeah, that's exactly what it is. How I didn't realize that on my own I will never know. 

My changes - I used nonfat milk in place of the whole milk, a mix of shredded cheddar and colby jack cheese in place of the artisan blends cheddar cheese and a combination of frozen peas, corn and cubed carrots in place of the frozen mixed vegetables.

Photo from Sargento website (I just used a whole top crust and cut slits in it)

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