Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Ravelry via Pinterest
 I think I'm going to need a mug of tea to relax me tonight. Today wore me out.
  • I have a scratchy throat from teaching 5 classes today (4 of those being right in a row...).
  • I almost failed my eye exam at the BMV and I momentarily freaked that they weren't going to re-issue my license.
  • The grocery store was out of rotisserie chicken so I am resorting to making macaroni and cheese with salads tonight for dinner because I'm not in the mood to cook up chicken tonight. Wife fail. 
Hopefully I'll have a more cheerful post tomorrow! 


  1. I can relate 100% to this tonight!

    I'm drinking my tea right now :)

  2. Pregnancy effects your eye sight too, by the way. Another fun side effect. It should go back to normal by about six months post partum or so.

    And there's no shame in mac and cheese. When I was exhausted, it was carry out or fend-for-yourself. You're busy growing a person right now. That's kind of the opposite of a wife-fail.;)