Monday, December 12, 2011

12 days of Christmas.

all things simple via Sarah via Pinterest
Last year I posted something holiday related for a 25 days of Christmas countdown. This year I plan to just do twelve since that's basically all we have time for now that it's already December 12th! This is my favorite time of year and I like to make the most of it, even though I still have a week and a half left of teaching before winter break and things are starting to get stressful. I need to take one moment each evening to really reflect on the season and get into the holiday spirit, even if it's just doing something small. Starting tomorrow I will share what I did the previous night in order to be festive!

What are some things you do to get into the holiday spirit?

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  1. Looking at Christmas lights, going shopping, going to the mall to walk around, baking cookies, making a Christmas craft, listening to Christmas music, playing Christmas songs on the piano, watching a Christmas movie...and more than anything, spending time with my sweet 2 year old :)