Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Keeping up the Christmas spirit.

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Today is the first day that we don't have any Christmas celebrations. Jon and I came home from my parents yesterday afternoon and exchanged our gifts so we snuck in a little extra day of the holidays. But, I still hate how everything ends so abruptly. Christmas radio is gone, Christmas specials are no longer being shown on TV, and life is moving back to normal. This is the part of Christmas that totally puts me in a funk every.single.year. So I plan to continue the Christmas season on my own just a little while longer. I will continue to turn on the Christmas lights, listen to holiday tunes and watch Home Alone and Rudolph. The holiday season isn't over until New Years, my friends. I may be the only one celebrating, but I'm ok with that!

Do you always feel a big let-down after Christmas is over?

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  1. I'm with you, Stef! The 12 days of Christmas begin ON Christmas day, going forward until Epiphany. The celebration should continue at least that long! Don't worry, we still have our Christmas lights on and are still watching Christmas movies. :)