Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On getting out of the house.

During the winter I tend to hibernate. My husband also works late hours. Therefore, I am by myself...a lot. However, I tend to get stir crazy if I am by myself for too long, especially when I don't leave the house. Thank God for friends who are in town for the holidays. I met up with my good friend Julie for lunch at Tim Horton's (and here I thought it was just a coffee & donut shop!) and then for ice cream at Graeter's. Yes, ice cream in December....gotta get my buckeye blitz fix! It was so nice to catch up and interact with a human being. I also used my time out of the house to get a bunch of errands accomplished that I had been putting off!

Are you an extrovert who needs to hang out with people in order to avoid going crazy or an introvert who doesn't mind spending a lot of time alone?

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