Thursday, December 29, 2011

I have converted.

I was always against e-readers. I like the feel of a book in my hand and being able to rent as many library books as I want, knowing that my library will always have them (even if I have to wait for a reserve to come in). Plus, I carry a big purse so it was no problem to always throw a book in to have with me at all times. I just didn't think reading would be the same on an electronic device.

After thinking about it a lot, I mentioned to Jon that I thought a Kindle might be nice to have so I can use it while I'm breastfeeding. He got me a Kindle Touch for Christmas and I've read 3 books on it already. I swear I read faster on it and my only theories are that 1) I can see the percentage of the book I've read so far and I always push myself to get to a certain percentage before stopping or 2) I can flip the pages simply by touching the screen. I'm probably crazy, but my love of reading has finally surfaced again after going through a dry spell. I really think it will come in handy once the baby comes too and hopefully I will be able to continue to read!

One of my concerns with an e-reader is having to purchase books. I read a lot and usually only get library books because I don't want to spend so much money on a book I'm only going to read once. My library is linked up to a digital system so I can rent books for free. However, I don't think all the books I want to read are digital so I may still need to read paper books every now and then! That would be my only complaint so far with the Kindle.

How do you feel about e-readers?


  1. I use Overdrive on my smart phone to check out ebooks at our library and I love it. You are right, not all of the books I'd like to read are available, but it's forced me to go outside of my "box" a bit and I've read some things I normally wouldn't. Also, the more patrons check out, the more ebooks the library will buy AND I'm guessing if they don't have something you really want, just put in a request. The library here will buy almost anything a patron requests 99% of the time.

    What I love about an eReader? I don't have to have a light on to read so I can read in bed (or in your context, w/o waking a sleeping baby). I also LOVE that library books just disappear when the loan period is up. My mommy brain is horrible about remembering to return books, so no fines with ebooks. I also love that no matter where I am, I have a book at the ready b/c my phone is always with me. I thought I'd miss turning pages too, but I don't. I am a huge fan of eReaders. Glad you are enjoying yours.

  2. I am soooo not on the eReader bandwagon! I just can't get behind yet another device that has me stare at a screen for hours on end.

    Reading an actual book is a great break for my eyes and one of the few ways I can relax. I spend way too much time staring at a computer screen everyday.

  3. I'm not a fan of e-readers either - I stare at a computer screen all day at work and for at least an hour at home most evenings - another screen is the last thing I need! It *would* have been nice to have been able to read while I was breastfeeding Topher, though - I had a cell phone then and I was always on facebook or twitter!