Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pregnancy related.

This is a funny pic my mom snapped of me the day after Christmas - maybe I should start making this face anytime someone asks me a stupid question? (and oh yeah, I am rocking my Woodsy the Owl shirt!)
 I found this article at that lists all of the things that you should never say to a pregnant woman. I found it interesting because I have definitely been asked some of these questions or had these statements said to me. Here's the ones that I have dealt with:

1. "Was it planned?" - Um, excuse me? Do people actually think that is a legitimate question to ask someone? Even if it wasn't, I am obviously sharing the news because we are excited about it. Additionally, we are married and want to have kids so having a kid is something that we feel we are blessed to do!

2. "You look like you're ready to pop!" - Ok, this exact statement has not been said to me, but I have had multiple students tell me that I am getting really big. Why thank you, lovely kids, that is exactly what I want to hear when I feel HUGE. I've already gained 30 pounds...I don't need anyone reminding me of that. On the other hand, I love when people tell me that I look really small.

3. "Can I touch your belly?" - Oh yes, I have had students ask me this to which I always reply, "Absolutely not!" I honestly don't know what they are thinking when they ask me that. I gently remind them that only family and close friends have those privileges. Otherwise, it's just awkward.

4. "Have you picked a name yet?" - This question doesn't necessarily annoy me, but since we aren't telling anyone the name until he is born I have to go into that whole spiel. I don't mind when people ask when they already know about that and are just curious if we have decided yet though. And no, we have not chosen a name yet.

5. "Enjoy ________ now because once the baby comes, you can kiss it goodbye." - I understand that my life is drastically going to change when our baby arrives, but I do not need to be reminded that I will not sleep or have any time to myself once that happens. The only exception to this is when friends who have recently had children talk to me about it because I know that this is all new to them too! (and they need someone to "vent" to)

And there you have it.

If you are pregnant/have been pregnant, do/did you get asked any of these questions?


  1. I heard all of them - and I had complete strangers rub my stomach without even asking. It actually got the the point where I'd huff and puff up 7 flights of stairs at work rather than stand in the elevator because there was this one creepy woman who was always in the elevator with me and who was always trying to feel the baby - and I had never even spoken to her before the first time she did it! Do peole offer name suggestions? That used to drive me nuts! They were usually along the lines of "Don't name your baby _________ because _________" - and more often than not it was a name on our list.

  2. i'm pretty sure i've heard each of these questions asked to friends/coworkers/family who have been pregnant.

    the first question is especially troubling. you may as well be asking "so is he/she an accident?"

  3. When I was pregnant with Elliott and I worked at Starbucks, one of my customers asked me if I knew who the father was. WTH, right? I realized later that she likely asked because I wasn't wearing my wedding ring (it didn't fit at the end of my pregnancy)...but ring or no ring, who asks that? And even if I was unmarried...I'd assume that the majority of unwed mothers do, in fact, know who the daddy is. For real.

    Also, people (ahem, FAMILY) always felt the need to tell us how much they hated our name choices. My dad called Hazel "a fat girl's name". Well...she IS fat. But she's a fat, awesome little baby, and I love it. ;)

    And forget those thirty pounds. You look awesome. AWESOME.