Sunday, June 3, 2012

A busy weekend.

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I got to sleep in until 10am today. 10am! This has not happened once since Eli was born. He must have been completely worn out from this weekend's activities. I just hope this doesn't mean his schedule is going to be all off now.

We trekked 4.5 hours to Indiana for my husband's grandpa's 90th birthday and celebrated in style at the Old County Buffet. Hey, when you leave the decision up to a 90 year old birthday boy, this is what you get. I never eat at buffets because a) I have gotten sick from them before and b) I can usually make better food in my own kitchen, but it was a nice time and I found a lot of carbs (and dessert!) to eat. That night we stayed at his family's cottage, then hit up another buffet the next morning at an Amish restaurant for breakfast. I then got to enjoy a wonderful nap with my baby while the boys went on a bike ride. We stopped at the local Amish burger & shakes restaurant for dinner before heading back to Ohio, with only one small scream-fest from Eli on the way. And after all I ate this weekend, I am definitely ready for some vegetables and lighter fare!

I got my grocery shopping done today for the week so I'm glad that errand is completed since I think I will be spending the majority of tomorrow unpacking and cleaning the apartment. I swear it was clean before we left!

What did you do this weekend?

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