Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dear reading, come back to me.

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I basically stopped reading altogether towards the end of my pregnancy up until now. My husband got me a Kindle for Christmas and I did some major reading on it right away, but that quickly dissipated as I got more fatigued. Now, I miss reading and I am ready to start again. I'm still trying to find my motivation though. I read to Eli all the time and I want to instill in him that reading is important, but that's not going to do much if he doesn't see his mama reading too. So I better get back into it now. I read Insurgent by Veronica Roth this month and really enjoyed it. Of course, it was the next book in a series that I love so it was an easy read. My goal is to only rent 1 book at a time on my Kindle since they expire in 14 days. If I have more than that then I think I will get overwhelmed. Now, I just need to decide what books to get!

What book suggestions do you have? I read pretty much anything!

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