Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's about that time.

I usually come back to blogging right around this time of year. Fall always signals a fresh start for me. (And yes, I know fall has not officially begun yet, but we are getting close to the unofficial start of fall after Labor Day.) I think it has something to do with school beginning. I was always one to love school, and now I am a teacher. Plus, fall is always filled with fun activities and things to look forward. And now that I am a mom, there are many more things to look forward to as we head into the cooler months! I am excited to experience things through the eyes of a child. He may still be young (6 months today!), but he loves to be involved in whatever is going on around him.

Let's talk fall fashion for a little bit, shall we? 
I have always loved shopping for new clothes in the fall since I tend to love sweaters, jeans and boots, but last year I was pregnant and didn't get to buy any fun new clothes. Here are a few things I bought this year so far:

Old Navy's Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans in Gestalt Green

Old Navy's Polka Dot Chambray Shirt
I also got an H&M burgundy and white striped sweater, but I can't find it online right now. I am actually thinking about taking back the green pants from Old Navy and getting these green cords instead:


I am not done with my fall shopping, but at least it's been started!

What are some of your fall must-haves this year?

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