Friday, May 8, 2009

Cleaning out closets & finding things from high school.

I began the process of cleaning out our closets before we move in June. I hate going through my clothes because I always think that I "might" wear something again...even though I usually don't. So I decided to actually get rid of items that I have not worn in more than a year (despite a few things I really don't want to give up yet). I even had a few things in my closet left over from high school (which was almost a decade ago). My husband thinks I only got rid of 1/8th of my closet, but I disagree. Here's the stack of clothes I am giving away (this does not include sweatshirts I went through today):

I also went through my shoes and had to part with my favorite pair of black wedges since they are in pretty bad shape. Why can't shoes just last forever? However, I will say I've had some of these shoes for YEARS and can't believe that I've been holding onto them.

Notice the nasty slippers on the top. Never buy fluffy slippers from Wal-Mart - they trap everything as you walk through the house. Gross! And I think those boots might have one day been my Mom's...but they have scuff marks so I'm getting rid of them anyway!

Lastly, I went through purses, belts, scarves/hats & other bags that are on the floor in my closet, which I didn't get a picture of. It feels nice to purge items. Additionally, I am excited that I don't have to move all of that crap either. Now I just need to get through my dresser, other closets, and the basement!

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  1. hi stephanie lynn~

    thanks for commenting on my blog and YOU GO GIRL with your 5k. That is awesome, keep up the great work and don't quit. I promise it will be worth it in the end. I'm glad you like reading about running stuff....more to come, I'm sure.