Thursday, May 7, 2009

Herbs & Cheesecake

In spite of not really following or looking at my list, I have accomplished some of the things on it within the past few months.

I baked a brownie mosaic cheesecake (highly, highly recommended!) & plan to bake more cheesecakes soon. I am thinking some type of fruit-related cheesecake for the upcoming summer months will do the trick.

I also planted some herbs last weekend. I am really hoping that they sprout...because I've never had a really great green thumb. I labeled them, but one seemed to blow away the minute I set them outside. I planted cilantro (guacamole & homemade salsa!), basil (pesto!), parsley, and oregano. It's been 6 days since they've been planted and nothing has sprouted yet - the package says something should come up within 7-14 days, so we'll see. I wanted to get cute little pots, but these were cheap so I went with the traditional clay pots instead.

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