Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A new spin on things.

So obviously working on my goals hasn't been working out. I've accepted that fact and moved on. However, I still want to accomplish many things on my list. I will just work on them a little more slowly than what I've laid out for myself.

I read a book over the weekend and it was wonderful to just sit & not have technology staring me in the face. In fact, Jon and I have decided to cancel our cable for the summer and I'm thankful for that. Hopefully I will see people more, get productive things accomplished, and work on this list of mine! This is the book I read:

I've had this book for awhile now - I think I picked it up at Goodwill or the library book sale a few years ago. I really enjoyed it. Of course I've always loved Judy Blume books and this is the first adult book that I've read of hers. It gives great insight into the ups and downs of relationships. It definitely makes me appreciate the ones I have, and miss the ones I've let slip away.

I have really been into reading decorating & organizing blogs lately. I have a bunch of DIY projects that I want to do. I just want a more "clean" feeling in my home without all of the clutter. (or at least conceal the color in pretty little boxes!) We are currently looking for a new place to live, but the things I want to work on will be ones we can take with us. Here is an example of something I want to do:

I have a basket that is similar to this (but smaller and not so Easter-basketish) and in a purplish tone. I want to spray paint it white and put in the bathroom to hold our CD's since right now they are just stacked next to the CD player. I think the basket will make them look a little neater!

**I decided to upload a picture of my basket. So here is my basket - and I intend to spray paint it white as pictured above**

The handle detail

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