Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moving...apparently it's a 2 week process with many roadblocks.

My last post focused on getting a new coffee table & end tables. Jon and I didn't go with either one of those options, but instead settled on ones from Target since we still had money on a gift card from the wedding. I like how they look and they fit in well with the rest of our decor, but they get dusty SO fast. I'm going to try to see if there is some type of dusting cleaning supply that will keep dust off of the tables for a longer period of time - does something like this even exist? Maybe it's just another one of my far-fledged ideas!

I only wish that the end tables had little drawers in them, but at least they have a shelf where I can stack books & other smaller items.

Other problems we've encountered along the way with this move:

1. Our washer and dryer have not been delivered - they were supposed to come on Wednesday, but some part for our side vent kit was broken so they had to order a new one. However, they failed to tell me this and I found out on the day they were supposed to be delivered that something was wrong (after I contacted them - otherwise, I would still be wondering where my appliances are!). I am extremely disappointed in H.H. Gregg's customer service department. They also have problems calling people back. Our washer and dryer will now be delivered next week (that's what they say anyway)...meanwhile, our laundry is piling up like crazy.

2. We still have not gotten our storage unit key so we have our basement items still at the old apartment. We won't get the key until next week now (this is after I've been asking about it for 2 weeks)...but now we have to get the rest of our stuff out of our old apartment and then stack it up in our new apartment until we get the key.

3. And lastly - our garbage disposal doesn't work. That's gets down there & then nothing happens when you turn on the switch. I have also called about this issue with our landlord and have not received a response back. Yes, I understand he is an attorney and a busy man, but if you own rentals then you need to be responsible for that as well. All he has to do is give me the "ok" to call the maintenance people at a local hardware store...that's it. Looks like this is going to remain broken until next week too!

Once we have things in order, I will take pictures of our new place & post them!

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  1. Sorry to hear your move hasn't been quite as smooth as planned. We are going to be starting that process in 2 weeks ourselves.

    As far as your dust issue, I know on the Pledge commercials, they always claim that cleaning with their products helps keep dust down. I don't know. Maybe worth a try?