Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A look back at January.

I'm still sick, but wanted to post about some things I mentioned last month that I wanted to accomplish. 
  • Read 2 books - check! I reviewed the first one here. The second was Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. It was a pretty good read, but the thing I dislike about her books is that she tends to repeat the same things over and over. It gets a little monotonous after awhile. I still enjoyed it though and liked that it gave us a look inside Amish culture and had a little twist at the very end.
  • I only did 2 out of the 4 things from my post about wanting to get out more
    • Get coffee with a friend - check!
    • Go to Cocktails at the Conservatory - this didn't happen because my sister-in-law ended up having an appointment that night. Maybe another time!
    • Go to book club - nope. Jon had the night off work and I hung out with him instead.
    • Go to a restaurant with Jon - check!
Some things I'd like to do in February...
  • Read Ape House and participate in Book Beginnings and Bookends discussion.
  • Read 2 additional books.
  • Enjoy a new local restaurant with Jon.
  • Get together with an old friend that lives in the area.
  • Continue reading about gardening for the spring/summer.
  • Cut down on the grocery bill.
  • Go to an Ohio State gymnastics meet.
What are your goals for February?


  1. i'm an old friend that lives in the area! pick meeee! haha.

  2. haha, you are who i'm talking about! as soon as i kick this illness, we need to get together.

  3. Ooh...for March, you should totally meet up with an old friend from OUT of town. I'll put it on my list if you put it on yours! ;)

    (I actually will probably come down to Columbus to hit up that cloth diaper store after our tax return, really....need to get a few things for our girl. GIRL. So weird.)