Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Source: The High Heeled Hostess
I have been obsessed with eating apples dipped in caramel dip for the past week and I don't see that obsession ending any time soon. I can eat an apple on it's own, but I always like them just a little bit better dipped in something. I think these apple slices look great! They would be perfect for a fall party with friends. I am also excited to start seeing Honeycrisp apples at the farmer's market and in stores because they are my absolute favorite!

What's your current craving? Do you like apples plain or jazzed up a little?


  1. I like my apples plain! If anything healthy is covered on chocolate or caramel - I eat the topping and waste the healthy food. I like apples fine on their own, though :)

  2. These apples look SCRUMPTIOUS. I've got to stop looking at blogs apparently...I'm starving! I've also never seen a Honeycrisp apple but yours is the 2nd or 3rd blog I've seen mention it this week. I think I need to find one! :)