Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend recap!

Sorry I have been MIA, but I was out of town over the weekend and by the time I got home on Sunday I just wanted to sit on the couch & relax!

I love this photo from Etsy seller bomobob.
Here's what went down:

  • Visited our friends and their new baby in the Cleveland area
  • Fed my craving for Chick-fil-A - finally!
  • Hung out at our friends' house and had a delicious breakfast made for us
  • Stuffed ourselves at a local gyro shop for lunch
  • Celebrated a friend's 30th birthday with some of my favorite people (I also got introduced to Words with Friends and now I think I am addicted....oops!)
  • Helped my mom host her family reunion where I ate a ton of good food and saw family members that I haven't seen in years
  • Went to my church growing up and had a donut AND hot chocolate (I'm blaming that idea on pregnancy cravings)
  • Finally came back home & watched football for the rest of the day (and then hung out with Jon once he got home from work!)
It was a fun, but very busy weekend!

What did you do over the weekend? I want to hear!

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