Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some of my favorite tidbits from 2011.

I love this video of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt!
  • Celebrating 2 of my friends' getting married & dancing all night long at the reception. I seriously love to dance.
  • Going out with our entire group of friends to a Mexican restaurant & then bowling for our friend's birthday. This was literally the only highlight of the month since I got the flu and then pneumonia for the rest of it!
  • Going to free Ohio State gymnastics meets - I can't wait to do this again in 2012 (until baby comes at least!)
  • Having a weekend away at Jon's parents' cottage in Indiana to go to the Notre Dame Blue/Gold game (which we watched at a restaurant since it was raining, but we had a good weekend anyway!)
  • Enjoying a fun family get-together Memorial Day weekend - I love the nights where we can sit outside on the patio and just hang out!
  • Going on vacation with 3 of our best friend couples. It was seriously one of the greatest vacations ever.
  • Finding out I was pregnant on Jon's birthday, and then having to hide it from everyone. :)
  • Announcing our pregnancy to our families!
  • Getting to see my family who lives in California and meeting their new baby.
  • Going to a couples' baby shower for our friends and celebrating the upcoming birth of their sweet baby boy.
  • And going to my cousin's baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of her daughter. 
  • Discovering Pinterest - yes, it was a highlight for me!
  • Announcing our pregnancy to my extended family (especially my cousin, who was pregnant at the time!)
  • Having a fantasy football lottery draft party with all of our friends, and spontaneously singing camp songs around the fire.
  • Celebrating our 4 year anniversary at the Foo Fighters concert!
  • Finding out we are having a baby boy!
  • Hosting girls' night - it was the first one we had in a LONG time.
  • Starting my long-term social studies subbing position at a local high school. 
  • Eating a lot at all of our Thanksgiving festivities with family & friends.
  • Celebrating the holidays at our annual friends' Christmas party.
  • Enjoying our first couples' baby shower with some of our closest friends.
  • Celebrating Christmas - I love the holiday season!
What were some of your favorite things in 2011?? Happy New Year's Eve!

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