Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

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We had an excellent low-key New Year's Eve last night since we just had one other couple over (hi Ryan & Tessa!). We made dinner together, then played a really long game of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. I think the game could have been an hour shorter, but we still had a good time! I didn't even get mad and make things awkward, which usually happens when I play games since I am so darn competitive. Of course we had to flip between all of the NYE shows (where I didn't even know half of the artists performing - I'm getting old!) and then Skyped in our friends from out of town. I loved that we could ring in the New Year with friends who weren't here and make it a little mini-celebration. So thanks to Erik & Amanda and Nick & Julia for connecting with us last night - it was like a little vacation reunion! We continued our New Year's celebration with sparkling wine and grape juice (yeah, that was for me!) and some Rock Band before crawling into bed around 2AM. 

I believe that 2011 was a growing year for me as I started to feel more comfortable in this new city we moved to and eventually stopped hating living here, gained more experience in teaching with my long-term subbing job, and learned that we are expecting a little baby boy. I know that 2012 has even more change coming and I am excited for it. A little nervous, yes, but still excited to see what is in store for us this year!

How would you sum up your 2011?

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