Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello, September.


September has always been one of my favorite months. Why? Well, let's make a list, shall we?
  • My birthday - I turn 30 this year. Yikes. But, my husband and friend Joel have decided to throw me a little birthday bash with all of my closest friends so turning 30 does have its perks!
  • Our anniversary - We celebrate 5 years this year! We have no idea what we are planning to do yet, but we do know that it will be our first date night since our son was born, who turns 7 months old that day. I think it's about time for one!
  • Football - I am a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan and can't wait for the regular season to start. Plus, I participate in a fantasy football league so it's always exciting to watch teams that have one of my players. I also like college football (Go ND & OSU!), but the NFL always trumps it for me.
  • Fall decorating - Once Labor Day is over it is time to bring out all of the fall decorations. Yes, I view Labor Day as the unofficial end to summer and the acceptable date in which I can begin all things fall related. I haven't changed our decor since we moved in January so I am ready for some fresh items in our home! 
  • Fall clothes - It slowly starts to become cooler in September and I eagerly anticipate the days in which I can wear jeans, sweaters, boots and scarves. Plus, I have some new clothes this year that I can't wait to wear!
What are your favorite things about September?


  1. I agree with the fall decorating and fall clothes! I really love summer and am always sad when it's over, but I'm trying to look at the positives!

    1. Think of it this way - summer technically doesn't end for another 20 days! :)

  2. I love that Christmas stuff usually starts to come out in September :D I love fall decorating and fall clothes too (boots! sweaters!) but seriously - fall just means my Christmas countdown stars!

    1. Ohhh, I love Christmas so, so much! But, I am ready to celebrate fall first. :)